Welcome to Declutter Digitally!

My name is Sarah and I started Declutter Digitally (officially) in July 2021.

I wouldn’t call myself an organized person but other people might – because I “look” organized.The fact is that, I love organization, but I suck at it! I try to stay organized but it is so hard. However, when I’m not organized, I feel like I’m all over the place, so I need to stay organized.

I created Declutter Digitally as I was sick of not finding the documents that I needed. I am self-employed, which means, there is no accountability. There is no one telling me I’m doing a terrible job. There is also no one complaining that they can’t find something (except for myself!). Apart from being self-employed, I organized (try to) my family’s personal documents and have a few side hustles going on. That’s why I need to know where things are. But guess what?! I have to look through my Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, downloads folder, and messenger app just to find the right document. I got sick of this so I needed to find a sustainable and simple solution to manage all my documentation.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who struggles to organize my digital life, so I decided to write what I have learnt and hopefully share some useful tips for you all!

Happy reading!



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